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Toshiba offer TWO ranges of Wall Mounted air conditioning units starting with the Stylish NEW SEIYA RAS-05J2AVG-E to the larger capacity RAS-24J2AVG-E with Cooling Duties from 2.00kw to 4.40kw.

Alternatively the AVAnt RAS-107SKV-6 to RAS-167SKV-E6 for duties from 2.50 to 4.40kw of Cooling.

When larger cooling capacities are required the range starts at the RAV566KRT-E system with a duty of 5.00kw up to the RAV-SM806KRT-E with a duty of 6.70kw of Cooling. Both units are available in Digital Inverter or Super Digital Inverter should extended refrigeration pipework be required.

Please contact our Sales Office for selection or application advice or simply to place an order .

Wall Mounted Systems
Cooling 1.50 - 6.50kw / Heating 2.00 - 7.00kw
Energy Eff Class Up To A++
Sound Pressure as low as 19 dBA
Refrigeration Pipework up to 20m
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  Toshiba SEIYA Wall Mounted R32
Digital and Super Digital Inverter
Cooling 2.50 - 7.10kw / Heating 3.40 - 8.00kw
Energy Label Up To A
Sound Pressure as low as 29 dBA
Refrigeration Pipework up to 50m
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  Toshiba RAV-SM566KRT-E and RAV-SM806KRT-E Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Units
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